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Where else on earth can one MAKE PARTNER for less than one dollar a day and be a part of such a significant worldwide network of members of The Florida Bar, ( the force of which has been changing the lives of thousands for over two decades. Cornelia can tell you her story at This by itself may be enough for most attorneys, but still there is much more to being PARTNER:
  • Fulfilling your pro bono responsibility whether you need to or not
  • Choosing where you think your support will help most
  • Obtaining a Certificate of Compliance of The Florida Bar Pro Bono Rule
  • Obtaining an income tax deduction for the full amount of any gift
  • Obtaining Partner status recognition in print and electronic media and invitation to peer and public community service events
  • Obtaining invitation to Lunch and Learn CLE trainings to help fulfill your Florida Bar member Continuing Legal Education requirements

Since 1994, LSNF’s Partners in Service members have provided essential financial support aiding victims of domestic violence, the homeless, seniors, rural outreach and children. The Partners in Service Program helps members of The Florida Bar meet the goals of the pro bono rule by allowing attorneys voluntarily to contribute financially to LSNF's attorney led and staffed legal aid and pro bono service supported efforts.

The late Justice and President Stephen C. O'Connell and Former Honorary Chair of the Founding Partners in Service Committee said, "The Florida Supreme Court recognizes the duty and professional obligation of its members to provide pro bono services. The intent of the Supreme Court rule is to increase professional voluntary services: yet, the Court is aware how important it can be to make contributions in other ways. With this in mind, LSNF offers an innovative program for you to meet your pro bono goal by becoming a partner through the contribution of funds."
From June through August each year we reach out to over 1,200 Partners in Service members past and present throughout the globe thanking each for becoming a PARTNER IN SERVICE, the force of which continues to change lives daily. If you are not a PARTNER now please join now by clicking on the following link: