Financial support for LSNF is diverse. Your financial support is vital to the delivery of legal services to our low-income clients.

Without your support many client needs would go unmet, potentially resulting in denials of justice that could have tragic repercussions for families in our community. Your investment is tax-deductible and helps LSNF save homes, assist the elderly and disabled, prevent homelessness, protect those who have been abused, and prevent the destruction of families. Your financial commitment can literally help us change lives. Please donate to assist in LSNF's efforts to provide “to provide an opportunity for justice.”


General Investment

Yes, I want to help ensure the continuation of needed services by LSNF. Please use my investment to expand services to the poor.

Your financial commitment has an enormous impact on LSNF's ability to help many more vulnerable individuals and families gain equal access to justice. Investing in LSNF is a very effective and efficient way to make a difference.

Partners in Service

Yes, I am a Florida attorney who wishes to fulfill my annual Florida Bar pro bono commitment by investing up to or more than $350 to LSNF and choosing where I want it to go. SEE CURRENT PARTNER IN SERVICE MEMBER INVESTOR LIST. Learn More ►


Online Investment Choices

Domestic Violence






Rural Outreach




Direct to LSNF


Fax or Mail click here.


Endowment Fund

Yes, I want to invest in LSNF’s future and the services it provides to low income individuals and families across the central and western panhandle by making a direct payment for Hope and Justice for All. Learn More


Cy Pres and Residual Fund Awards

Yes, I wish to work with LSNF to direct some or all of the residual funds of a class action law suit to help support LSNF’s efforts in the delivery of legal services to the citizens of the central and western panhandle.

State and Federal Courts have found legal aid programs to be appropriate recipients of Cy Pres funds in part because they often represent the next best use of unclaimed funds to indirectly benefit the members of a class under the Cy Pres doctrine. Learn More


Tribute Gift Program

Yes, I wish to invest in LSNF to especially recognize in tribute to, honor or memory of a special person or event in my life.

When a birthday, anniversary, marriage, retirement, new job, promotion, religious celebration, honoring a parent, or other special event calls for a unique recognition, you can invest in LSNF in tribute, honor or memory of the occasion.  Gifts in any amount are gratefully accepted. Learn More


Matching Gifts

Yes, I want to double the value of my investment in LSNF by making my gift to LSNF through my employer. I found my employer listed on the following link, MATCHING GIFTS

Many companies offer a matching gift program as a way to support their employee's charitable giving. Ask about the matching gifts policy at your office, it can double the value of your investment in LSNF. Learn More


New Life Campaign

Yes, I have new, old or broken gold, silver and platinum jewelry, serving pieces, etc. that I wish to contribute to LSNF to help them serve the many children and their families, homeless citizens, victims of sexual and domestic violence, the elderly, and other special populations in need of legal assistance.

Buying and selling precious scrap metal exploded on the scene in response to the escalating price of gold. Old rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces found stuck away in old shoeboxes became a small fortune to many. There are still many shoeboxes, old chests and safes with hidden fortunes you can find and turn in whole or in part to LSNF as your investment in LSNF’s future.  Learn More


Vehicle Giving Program

Yes, I have an old vehicle to donate and/or know someone who I will talk to about donating their car or boat to LSNF and will know I am investing in LSNF at the same time they are helping me dispose of my old wreck or gently used car or truck.

It is easy to donate your new, old, running or not, vehicles of all shapes and sizes, that drive, float, fly, two wheels, one wheel, 18 wheels, no wheel vehicles to support LSNF. Get rid of that old or taxable classic car or other vehicle (boats too) and help serve those unable to help themselves.  Learn More


Online Shopping Mall

Yes, I enjoy shopping online for many things brand and off brand and especially appreciate added discounts on all purchases and contributing to LSNF at the same time through Donation Street shopping mall.

There are a multitude of online shopping malls on the Internet offering discounts on all things small and large and high end or low. When shopping through LSNF’s website the link to Donation Street automatically credits your discounted purchase as a donation to LSNF and the funds are soon available to us. Learn More


In-Kind Giving

Yes, I have one or more useful items I believe would be useful to LSNF and appreciate this opportunity to recycle and help in serving the legal needs of the poor in my community.

In-kind giving of goods and services is a welcomed form of investment towards LSNF’s work. A contribution related to services is covered in the volunteer section of this website.  LSNF maintains a current list of its most needed goods one may review and from which select an item or items to donate. Learn More


Gift Acceptance Policy

LSNF welcomes gifts of cash, securities, insurance, vehicles, property and gifts by bequest and direct donation. The policy is designed to encourage gifts to LSNF without encumbering it with gifts that do not fulfill the mission of LSNF or are not cost efficient to manage. The policy is intended to be a guideline. Some gifts may be complex in nature and require careful consideration of a number of factors before a decision can be made regarding the acceptance of a gift. Therefore, in some instances, the Board of Directors may need to make the determination whether to accept a gift when staff feels that it does not fall within the guidelines of the adopted Gift Acceptance Policy. Read Policy



Providing legal services to low income individuals and families since 1976.

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LSNF provides services and aid to individuals and families with the most critical legal problems.

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