Who Can Apply?

LSNF provides representation to low-income individuals and families in civil matters only. Eligibility for legal aid may be based on income and assets of all members of the household and the legal problem.

By federal law, LSNF is not allowed to provide assistance to prisoners, handle criminal matters, municipal court matters, personal injury or workers' compensation cases. LSNF's legal services are free; however, clients may be responsible for court costs.

LSNF may accept cases in the following areas of law: Domestic/Sexual Violence, Family, Consumer, Housing, Public Benefits, and Elder Law. Each case is decided on its own facts. LSNF may assist in other types of cases not listed on this web site.

LSNF makes every effort to provide services; however, due to limited resources, we can only assist individuals with the most critical legal problems.


Find a Private Attorney

Attorney Search is updated weekly and enables anyone to find an attorney by name or by city within the State of Florida.

Board Certified Lawyers provides a listing of attorneys who have become board certified in one of 17 areas of law in the State of Florida. can help locate any lawyer in the United States that is listed with the private attorney sector.

State and local bar associations operate non-profit, public service lawyer referral programs that can help find a lawyer with the necessary skills and experience. Directory of Lawyer Referral Programs


Find a Legal Aid Attorney

You have income of less than about $14,000/year, or for a family of 4, with less than about $29,000/year AND you need a staff lawyer at a legal aid office. Directory of State & Local Legal Services Programs.

Florida Directory - Florida Legal Assistance to the Poor Personnel Directory of legal aid programs throughout Florida.

A link to legal aid programs worldwide can be reached by clicking here.

How Can I Apply?

You may apply for legal services by contacting LSNF and completing an application either in-person, by telephone or on the internet.

The applicant's legal problem will be screened for case acceptance. Normally, it takes no more than one week to determine if a case will be accepted. The applicant is notified of our decision by mail.

In-person applications will be taken at one of our five area offices. You may apply by calling one of the area offices local numbers. You should contact the office that services your county of residence.


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Self Help


Para Aplicarse En Español

Usted puede aplicar para servicios legales contactándose con LSNF y completando una aplicación en persona o a través de teléfono.

Usted puede empezar un proceso de aplicación por medio de una visita a las oficinas enlistadas en nuestro sitio web o poniéndose en contacto al siguiente número: 1-850-385-9007.

Language Translation

Language translation assistance is available when contacting any of our offices: Tallahassee (850-385-9007); Quincy (850-875-9881); Panama City (850-769-3581); Fort Walton Beach (850-862-3279); Pensacola (850-432-8222). Interpreter services/auxiliary aid is available for people who are hearing impaired. For Florida Relay dial 711.

Asistencia de traducción de idioma está disponible al ponerse en contacto con cualquiera de nuestras oficinas: Tallahassee (850-385-9007); Quincy (850-875-9881); Panama City (850-769-3581); Fort Walton Beach (850-862-3279); Pensacola (850-432-8222). Ayuda de servicios auxiliar/ intérprete están disponibles para las personas con dificultad. Para Florida Relay, marque 711.

Client Grievance Procedure

A client or applicant has the right to file a complaint protesting an action taken by LSNF. Learn More


Help us provide an opportunity for justice for those without by investing time and money.

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Providing legal services to low income individuals and families since 1976.

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LSNF provides services and aid to individuals and families with the most critical legal problems.

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