Alumni Society

Ali C. Sackett
Alumni Society Chair


Dear Alumni:

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the LSNF Alumni Society.

The Alumni Society provides former Legal Services of North Florida (LSNF) staff, volunteers, interns and board members like us with a way to stay in touch with LSNF, give back to the organization and learn about the important work LSNF continues to do on behalf of struggling individuals and families. Since 1976, LSNF has provided a wide array of legal services that directly touch thousands of low-income Floridians. Whether past or present, you are a part of this amazing history.

As the founding member and donor to the Alumni Society, I aim to create a network of alumni that will help us reconnect with one another, build upon our history and better position LSNF to serve the needs of the community in the future.

I am asking you to give back as one of LSNF’s alumni and support our mission to engage, connect and celebrate alumni and friends of LSNF. Please join the Alumni Society today! I look forward to coming together to support LSNF!


Ali C. Sackett
LSNF Alumni Society Chair
Former LSNF Managing Attorney – Quincy Branch Office



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